Saturday, May 19, 2007

My Desire for Catholic Vision

In my few short months as a Catholic Priest, I have found one aspect of Christian life to be particularly lacking or troublesome. Amongst those I meet (and admittedly in myself) there seems to be a struggle to find a unifying center to life. While the more academically inclined would refer to this as "philosophy" I prefer the term "vision" as a more palatable term to today's Catholic.

I want Catholic Vision to edify in that way- to foster myself and others to engage and meet their world from a view that is Catholic. What does that mean? Lets break it down (and use the neat table function on blogger).

  • Creational Monotheism- the Lord your God is one, there is no contrast, no conflict within God. There are no competitors to God, but there are pretenders. This world was purposefully created by this One God to be good. The things of this world (people, relationships, places, nouns in general) are GOOD.
  • Sin- something is not right in this good world. We know it is good by our experience and by our revealed knowledge of God. Yet we also struggle with the bad parts, all effected by sin. Sin is what is wrong with the world- not men, but sin in the hearts of men.
  • Incarnation/Trinity- the answer to sin is in the God made Flesh, Jesus the Christ. He is the real and definitive image/message/revelation/word to the question: "Who is God?" From Jesus we get our answer- God is Love.

But the real question remains: can I pull it off? Can I make consistent posts of quality that attract and promote discussion in the desired way? Will my grammar survive, not to mention my spelling?

The desire for this blog-venture is persistent so I will try.


Thursday, May 17, 2007

Tentative first step...

Well, I often said I never wanted to, but now I am. Will this be anything worth while? I don't know. But we'll aim to find out in the next couple of days weeks. I might even learn some basic html coding to make this thing sweet. Or have to pony up some dough.

My basic desire is to have an avenue in the new media for parishioners and others to engage life within the Catholic perspective. It isn't exactly "rose colored" glasses but the desired outcome is analogous: when we look at everything: from aardvarks to Zyban, through our shared Catholic identity.

Catholic Vision neither endorses nor promotes aardvarks and especially not Zyban- so lay off, Tom Cruise!