Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Haunting, huh?

No, not a Harry Potter post...though I have finished and might add some thoughts.

But for now, this Quebec (yes) music video is quite haunting.

I am unfamiliar with this band, their previous work, their views, politics, whatever. And, as I'm unfamiliar with French, I have to rely on the subtitles. But the stark, mournful, almost despairing sound just gets me- even without the translation.

The floor tom intro, the solo voice building to voices in harmony. Simple and unadorned. The slow build throughout giving an anthem feel and going to a vital intensity that suggests that something greater is at stake. The video echoes that as well, as the actions become frantic and walks become runs. They grasp at something in the dirt, a memory in a photograph that they plant as a seed of hope. But what is that hope?

The translation then fleshes this out an a postmodern way- wondering if the seeming brutish and backward ways of the past had something missing in their current life- angst, dissatisfaction, and disorientated. Not simply relating to abortion, but that something is missing and they are searching. According to the subtitles it ends in what seems like escapism- as my favorite band sings "eat, drink and be merry; for tomorrow we'll die." But could there be something more in that?

What is that green sprig of hope?

From a Catholic Vision, we recognize that this beautiful, frightening, joyous, and sorrowful world is not as it should be. What is the correction, where is it to be found? If we never begin that examination, we will never arrive at the best of answers.

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Dennis Guse said...

Very interesting YouTube.

Hope all is well for you Fth Dickinson!