Saturday, August 25, 2007

Mother Teresa Follow Up

I saw these comments at another blog: Vox Nova, and thought they were interesting. They speak to the notion of Christian Hope enduring in Mother Teresa even during her dryness of faith.
"While the secular press and even the writings of Blessed Teresa of Calcutta might indeed indicate some periods of doubt and disbelief on her part, the real truth of the matter is this: Teresa of Calcutta endured in her faith and offered people throughout the world the hope of Jesus Christ, despite a world of shattered peace and broken promises. She did this her entire life, it wasn’t always easy. It wasn’t always pleasant. It wasn’t always rewarding. However she never strayed from the message, the mission or the task. That’s why we hope and pray for her inclusion among the company of Saints. Even though she had reservations and doubts, she never stopped proclaiming her belief in the endless love of God’s infinite mercy.

We really need to recall not her doubts and spiritual pitfalls, but her legacy of success that will ultimately rank her among God’s saints."
Though I still believe that her doubt has merit for our own growth in faith.

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