Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Starbucks + Joni Mitchell + Catholic=???

Thanks to a THE Minnesota Catholic Blog, Stella Borealis:

Joni Mitchell is back after nine years, and she’s on the attack. In the title track to her new album, “Shine,” Mitchell takes a nice swipe at the Catholic Church by name.

“Shine on the Catholic Church/And the prisons that it owns,” she sings. “Shine on all the Churches/that love less and less.”

Mitchell was never one to mince words, but in her triumphant return on Starbucks’ Hear Records, she doesn’t give an inch.

Mitchell’s album will be something of a revelation to young people who might buy it at Starbucks when it’s released Tuesday if they listen to it and read the lyrics.
I already let one "Starbuck-aholic" know. Thought I'd let you know. I have no problem with artistic freedom. There is a need for avenues in society to discuss truth, beauty and goodness. This seems corporately myopic and disingenuous.

By the way, what prisons does the Church own?

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Dan Lacey said...

I would guess she's referring to churches themselves as being prisons; outside of administrative offices that's most of what the Church herself owns. She offhandedly denounces the Church as being repressive, which requires ignoring all the good the Catholic faith accomplishes-standard fare for an anti-Catholic bigot.

Awaiting her upcoming criticism of Islam, by way. Talk about prisons...!