Thursday, September 27, 2007

Time is on a roll...

I read about this Tuesday or Wednesday but didn't know it was a hot topic in the U.S. yet. Time has an article claiming that Pope John Paul the Great's doctors euthanized him. You can read Time's take here.

If you read it, make sure you read at least one of these three responses.

A short one by Jimmy Akin on his blog (though a little angry too, not that I blame him)

A thorough response by Fr Jonathan Morris on

A deeper background piece on the Italian issues by John Allen.

You see that the Time piece sensationalist journalism with a captial S. There is very little fact checking of the Catholic perspective on end of life issues. The Italian doctor who originally posted the idea in an Italian paper had no access to any medical records of the actual case. She is writing solely from press releases and T.V. footage. Even House doesn't diagnose that way.

Regarding the Catholic position it is quite reasonable. In the Time article's second paragraph there is a reference to Pope John Paul the Great's letter Evangelium Vitae (the Gospel of Life, read it here thought it is quite long). Evangelium Vitae makes no "dictum" that we must use all modern means available to avoid death. Hogwash.

Temper flaring, work not getting done, I think I'll quite this post while I still don't have to go to confession (for that at least).

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