Wednesday, October 17, 2007

As Promised: My Brother.

First Things, November Issue, Page 76- bottom right snippet of While we're at it. The section refers to a New England Journal of Medicine article The Intimidation of American Abortion Physicians. First Things had covered this earlier and so my brother responded. Here it is:
A reader writes: "I was surprised at the notion that physicians who support abortion are intimidated. As a young physician who is pro-life, I know about intimidation. We carry our convictions quietly within the established medical community. Biding our time, we wait to act or speak out when necessary to protect unborn life."

Alright brother! Get down with your articulate self!


swissmiss said...

You wouldn't happen to have any more brothers, would you Father? We could certainly use some more pro-life doctors...and some more priests for that matter!

(Came here from your comments on Ray's blog about Deanna Favre)

Fr. Andrew said...

Nope, only the one brother. Very glad for my family, my folks had difficulties having children. Deo Gratias I am here.