Tuesday, October 16, 2007

As Seen on TV

Each Most Some mornings I wake up early and hit the local YMCA before 6 to run or walk, getting my daily exercise. I'm usually locked into my iPod and then finding a treadmill in front of a TV with ESPN. News channels bother me, CNN, Fox, don't like 'em.

Yesterday, no ESPN, so I'm watching Headline news. I see a story about couple from Nebraska who get married in a "Cornhusker" themed wedding. My first observation was to how slow a news day Monday must be for this to be Headline news. Secondly, the details on this are fantastic (puns aside). They had a "tunnel walk" into their backyard- just like a team lining up in a tunnel to run onto the field. Their children (previous marriages) wore jerseys and cheerleading outfits. Guests touched a ceremonial red horseshoe upon entering. I'm surprised they didn't find Tom Osborne to officiate.

I'm just glad they didn't ask me...

See photos here.

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