Thursday, October 11, 2007

Life Comes First

Thanks to the Drudge Report, I noticed that there is a new movie out attempting to cover the American debate over Abortion. The filmmaker, Tony Kaye, calls the movie Lake of Fire and you can find a newservice article here.

Of note, the filmmaker records an abortion. Horrifying is the word that comes to mind. Interestingly, Kaye claims this is the only recording of an actual abortion. Apparently he has never heard of Silent Scream, a 1984 ultrasound recording of an abortion. You can find a website here. Generally, abortion technicians (I hesitate to call them doctors) are reluctant to record their sad act.

In the article, Kaye claims: "You're not going to get the answers from holy texts. You're not going to the answers from biologists," he says. "These are matters of human concern. There are conflicting values and taken in isolation each of these values is quite legitimate," he adds. "Choice is legitimate, preserving life is legitimate."

This is a clear example of what we call Relativism. Relativism is the (largely) contemporary notion that you cannot find real answers, real truth that applies to all peoples. By calling abortion a "human concern," he claims there is no real answer to abortion. I would disagree with Mr. Kaye.

He is right to say that both choice and preservation of life are legitimate. All human beings are free to choose their own path, all human beings have a right to life. He is wrong to suggest that they are equal and so making abortion an unsolvable mystery. These "conflicting values" cannot be "taken in isolation." Life is not taken in isolation, life is interwoven and real. So life trumps decision. Without life, we are not free to decide, to choose, to determine anything. Life comes first.