Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Running to stand still

Sorry there haven't been substantial posts in a while. I had a nice vacation to St. Louis over Thanksgiving and then I had to hit the ground running this week, including this weekend. My pastor is gone for his monthly National Guard duty so I will be flying solo. That means:

  1. Friday Wedding
  2. Saturday Funeral (Deacon will take the wake Friday evening)
  3. Saturday Confessions
  4. Saturday Vigil Mass #1
  5. Saturday Vigil Mass #2
  6. Sunday Mass #1
  7. Sunday Family Education Program
  8. Sunday Mass #2
  9. Sunday Baptisms, numbering 3
  10. Sunday Confessions at Newman Center
  11. Sunday Mass at Newman Center
  12. Collapsing in exhaustion.
It is a good thing I don't do this for the money...
It is a good thing I remember that some people have it more difficult... that I mean I'm not a whiner.


Gashwin said...


This won't do good as a vocations pitch ... "Become a priest, run yourself in the ground!" (Or maybe it might ... "WE NEED MORE PRIESTS!!!")

Seriously though, I'll say a few extra prayers for you this weekend!

Fr. Andrew said...

"Become a priest, run yourself in the ground!"

Only if your pastor is in the National Guard, of which I do not begrudge him. He has had two activations: '91 in the Gulf and '04 at Afghanistan.

All the more reason to pay attention to that spiritual formation that Pastores Dabo Vobis urges.