Monday, November 12, 2007

US Bishops Fall Meeting Day 1

John Allen of the NCR has some interesting tidbits that I'll share as I find them:

  • Pope to Visit U.S. April 15th-20th. This looks like some great opportunities to see him and pray with him for the Church in the U.S. According to Archbishop Sambi: "We should issue an invitation to return for those who have left the church. The church is still the church of Jesus Christ, of the gospel, and of the mission entrusted by Jesus Christ to his apostles."
  • Bishops on Iraq: Through USCCB President, Bishop Skylstad, the U.S. Bishops also commented on the situation Iraq. Nothing too interesting or surprising other than the call for a " 'unique and inescapable obligation' to offer major support for reconstruction in Iraq." Which is a nice way to say it.
  • Lastly, a report on sexual abuse. This was received with some mixed comments: first relief that what statistics are available show no marked increase of perpetrators among Catholic clergy than the general population. Secondly, a caution that these statistics shouldn't be cause for elation: "But that’s a bit like my doctor telling me that my cancer is no worse than my hospital roommate’s cancer … Our situation should be much better." Enlivened by the grace of Jesus Christ, we should be better, but sin is still sin and the ordained are still human. Trust me.
Continue to pray for our Bishops that they may guide us to be better disciples of Christ in the midst of the world.

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