Tuesday, November 13, 2007

US Bishops Fall Meeting Day 2

At the forefront today were the elections of the President and Vice-President of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. It went to Cardinal Francis George, Archbishop of Chicago, IL, though this was expected- typically the President is the previous Vice-President, which was Cardinal George. What does the USCCB Bishop do, what authority does he gain? Very little. He is essentially a spokesman for the Bishops. He will set agendas and keep issues or concerns rolling, but he has no authority over the almost 200 other dioceses in the U.S.

Of interest:
  • An interview with Archbishop Chaput. I went to seminary under his guidance in Denver, he is quite candid and refreshing. He deeply believes in Jesus Christ and is deeply worried about others. Take his quote on the Second Vatican Council and the Cultural Revolution of the '60's and '70's:
    "[Vatican II] gave us tools to analyze [cultural/sexual revolution], and not to be reactionary. If we had been reactionary, we would have lost as much ground, if not more, than we did. It gave us tools to be reflective. The gradual changes in the church that led to the reflections of Pope John Paul II on the theology of the body and on human sexuality couldn’t have happened without the sexual revolution. As we look back on it, there’s huge tragedy that resulted, but at the same time there’s very positive growth. We have a much more positive understanding of human sexuality. I think there’s a greater patience with human frailty in the area of sexual sin and failure. There’s probably a deeper humanity in the church, in our official reflection anyway. There’s always been a deep humanity in the church in the sacrament of penance."
  • Also interesting is the new website promoting the Catholic vision of Marriage. This seems quite handy and well thought out. Whether it will appeal to those who need it most...we'll see when I meet with an engaged couple tonight!

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