Friday, December 21, 2007

Noonan on Huckabee

I have deliberately not followed the Republican and Democrats as they have vied for a nomination almost 9 months away. Other than retching at some of the possibilities. Factor in my residence in a non-important state (they don't know what they're missing in SD), I missed the Christmas Holiday ads that various candidates were airing. I did stumble across this commentary by Peggy Noonan of the Wall Street Journal.

Apparently there is an illuminated cross in the background of Huckabee's ad. Here is a screen shot from the youtube posting:

Peggy Noonan's most interesting point was: "
I wound up thinking this: That guy is using the cross so I'll like him. That doesn't tell me what he thinks of Jesus, but it does tell me what he thinks of me. He thinks I'm dim. He thinks I will associate my savior with his candidacy. Bleh."

In some ways, she is judgmental: "He thinks I'm dim." Unless he told you that Peggy, we don't know that.

But she does point out the reality that we, the voting public, are viewed as means to the politicians end. So often we are no longer people to be served but means to their own political power. If they please us, it is only because it serves to strengthen, grow, or renew their own position.

I hope I'm not cynical.

If you want to read Noonan's column, do so here.


BoB said...

I am cynical, or at least pragmatic. Many people want to ride the coattails of Jesus, not just politicians. Unfortunately, the actions don't follow the words. Other than The Phantom, only God knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men. Maybe Santa Claus can do that too. The best the rest of us can do is prepare for the worst but hope for the best. In hoping for the best, we don't have to be judgmental about anybody. In preparing for the worst, I don't assume that any of the current candidates exactly matches my ideals, but that at least one of them matches my goals and interests closer than the other. That's the one I'll vote for.

BoB W.

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