Friday, December 14, 2007

Road of Bittersweet

On a cold day after a long week in Aberdeen, where I found myself very busy for no apparent reason, I want to share this from Amy Welborn's Website:

it is the story of a family who had a child, Austin John, born with anencephaly. He lived 11 minutes, due to his disorder. When first diagnosed, his parents were told to abort. According to Amy, the family chose to "accept the counsel and wisdom of the Church and bring him to full term." This linked video, shown at his funeral, shows the remarkable impact that little Austin had in 9 months and 11 minutes.

This is a very powerful testimony how, if we allow it, the morally right and personally right don't have to be at odds.

Because someone you know may have to deal with such a difficulty, Be Not Afraid is a website that offers support and inspiration for couples facing difficult pre-natal diagnoses.

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Monica said...

Thank you, Father - many parents find us by word of mouth, so your blog post truly may help someone.

Sincerely, Monica (