Thursday, January 10, 2008

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Juno is receiving a lot of hype lately, and it has the Box Office #2 to back it up. I never saw any previews but I am now thoroughly intrigued. Amy Welborn says:
If it could be easily labeled, it wouldn’t be art. It would be agitprop and no one would argue about it except to wonder why PBS is funding it.


The camera focuses on their feet - Juno’s clad in her goofy striped socks and Paulie’s in his dirty track shoes - kids. Kids who played a grown-up game, managed to make a decision that brought happiness to another person and left them bittersweet, but - I think it’s clear - whole. Not damaged, destroyed or less, but somehow more.
Read the full review here. Though she does spoil some things.

On the Church front, Rocco of Whispers in the Loggia has a insightful story on Cardinal Bertone, the Papal Secretary of State and good friend of Pope Benedict. Why should we pay know about Cardinal Bertone?
Almost 81, Benedict XVI "realizes he doesn't have the energy to do everything," as one curial hand put it. While the pontiff has devoted much of his time to teaching -- writing his catecheses, letters and homilies, to say nothing of the books -- he's reserved the appointment of bishops and, to a lesser extent, questions of liturgy as his prime ad intra pursuits. The rest is left to Bertone, the 73 year-old Salesian who served as Cardinal Ratzinger's #2 at the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.
You can read the full article here, though I don't agree with Rocco's description of the Curia in terms of Nietzchen politics. I am aware that it happens. Plus this article is too informed to pass. Do follow Rocco's links to Cardinal Bertone's speech to the Knights of Columbus. I've linked them before as well.

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Gashwin said...

Now now Fr. Andrew ... the Roman Curia is one of the most political places on earth! Machiavelli could take lessons! Rocco's post does make for some rather earthy-reading. :)

I believe this story might be apocryphal, but when Napoleon entered Rome (or maybe after he took France, I can't remember) he is rumored to have said, "I will destroy the church," and a Cardinal piped up, "Well, we've been trying for nearly 2000 years and haven't succeeded ..." :)