Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sauce Reflections

Follow up is always a good thing, unless your pizza is following you around. Regarding the Pope's Mass in the Sistine Chapel, facing east (ad orientem) there are a couple of follow ups, including some pictures.

First, Yahoo! News has some wonderful photos of the Mass. This is my favorite as it shows the magnificence of Michaelangelo's Last Judgment restored. It also highlights a quote from Amy Welborn:
"What I want to point out in relation to today’s Mass is something Liz showed us. There is nothing accidental about the interior decoration of the chapel, including Michelangelo’s Last Judgment fresco on the wall behind the altar. It is purposefully designed to provide a “space” for a large altar cross. The cross is set up to be directly below the figure of the Risen Christ - and these are the images which we - and the celebrant - face during Mass. To set up another altar in front of that and have the focus shift away does, indeed, violate the original intention of the space.

(She also made the point that the prominent and vivid depiction of the Last Judgment was intended to be a reminder to the clerics gathered in the chapel to make their decisions and cast their votes - there are consequences - eternal ones - to what happens here)."

Read her coverage here.

Read Rocco's coverage here.

Or just enjoy one of the wonders of our world. Merry Christmas.

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