Friday, April 11, 2008

Population: Bomb or Dud?

The Distributist Review, a economics blog fostering a third way between consumerist capitalism and communism, has an interesting post on population numbers. Sometimes their posts are bit economically thick for me, but this is worth a read for all.
Does this mean that there is no “population problem”? There certainly is, but it is the opposite problem from what the latter-day Malthusians imagine it to be. It is not the population bomb, but the birth dearth...he population of children is actually shrinking; it is only the population of old geezers like myself that is advancing. “It is not,” as the film points out, “that people are breeding like rabbits, it is that they are no longer dying like flies.” While this causes a temporary rise in population, that situation is reversing itself with dramatic consequences.
This seems counter-intuitive to our culture. While I understand much of what the promoted film posits, I wonder how such a cultural force will change? Or is this another example of Homer's Cassandra in the Iliad?

Who are Malthusians?

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