Monday, May 12, 2008

Bishop Swain's Joy

25 Years ago, Bishop Paul Swain was received into the Catholic Church. He honors this occasion by a pastoral letter, sharing those distinctively Catholic gifts that he has received these past years. Nothing fancy, but a shepherd simply speaking about his faith in Jesus Christ living through his Church, the Church, the Catholic Church.

Read it here. [pdf alert, sorry!]


Santiago Chiva de Agustín said...

Hello. Congratulations for your blog. Do you know why the young people pray the holy rosary? You can watch here fifty testimonies of young university students
(in Spanish, with english subtitles)
See it:

Santiago (Granada, Spain)

JP said...

Fr. Andrew,

Off-topic, but as a priest, I could surely use your expertise. I have posted a few questions on my blog that has me scratching my head. Anyway you can check them out?

Fr. Andrew said...


if you are tracking, I got your comment and will try to respond, I just don't know if I can follow through. Actually, I probably will because I usually side track myself on interesting/helpful things like this, but just so you know!

Adoro te Devote said...


I happened to stop by to check on postings, and see your anniversary is let me be the first to wish you a Happy Anniversary, many more, and I will offer special prayers for you tomorrow! Please let me know of any special intentions if you get this message, tomorrow or any other day! :-)

Fr. Andrew said...

AtD- thanks! How about the conversion of all priests to the promises of their ordination and to the priestly gifts Jesus wishes to give them?

adoro said...

Done! :-)