Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Is Catholicism Evil?

A summer movie (blockbuster?) is the documentary "Constantine's Sword" by James Carroll. The author of a book by the same name, James Carroll claims to be a faithful Catholic and so his views of history and the Catholic Church may gain credence in many places. You or your friends may have questions. Please read or at least bookmark this article by First Things, an intellectual journal:
Among the destructive myths of modernity is the idea that Christianity caused the Holocaust. Though refuted many times, it continues to circulate. Among its chief recent proponents is James Carroll, whose 2001 book, Constantine’s Sword, was a mammoth effort to breathe new life into the old claim. Now Carroll, with filmmaker Oren Jacoby, has decided to expand his book into a documentary—and the result is ninety-five minutes of unrestrained propaganda.
Clarity, transparency and the truth are always are best friends.


Adoro te Devote said...

Hmmm....hadn't heard of it that I can recall. Maybe I'll have to watch in order to refute. Now that I have some real knowledge and resources about Church history. (It may cost me thousands of dollars I'll never be able to pay off, but I'm thinking this education is worth it...!)

Thanks for the info!

Padre Steve said...

I hope this movie flops! We should pray it flops!