Friday, November 7, 2008

Thank Your Bishop and One Other

In the days after this election, there has been some analyses stating that Bishops who spoke out against abortion were ineffective. The implied conclusion is that the Bishops should not speak out against abortion.


Whatever happened, they were forming consciences. So please take some time in the next weeks to write a "snail-mail" note of thanks to your local bishop who spoke out and at least one other. Make it a spiritual bouquet or some other spiritual offering if you wish, but let him know of your gratitude. Bishops lives are filled with many crosses, maybe you can be Veronica or the Cyrene.

To find other bishops to support, check this link from Inside Catholic. If you need "snail mail" addresses, please check the various diocesan websites.

If "snail mail" is too intimidating, feel free to find an email address!


MaryH said...

Love the image of Veronica or simon. I think my son will be taking the name Simon for Confirmation this year. Several people have said they think he will be a bishop because he always wears a cross with a long chord. He says he wants to be a marytr. Since then I've been trying to teach him about being a white marytr. Maybe, somehow, God will take all these things and roll them up into one vocation. Thank you for your blog, Fr. Andrew.

In Christ Mary Herboth
Broken Alabaster
(You are invited to come and visit us!)

ScienceMom said...

Great idea, Father! I am linking this from my blog.

FYI, Deal Hudson has posted a newer list of bishops here.

Fr. Andrew said...

Science Mom-Thanks for the tip, I've edited the link.

Adrienne said...

Ok - I made a special trip over here to say thanks to you instead of working on my NaNoWriMo novel. You provide a wonderful blog.

And as I said on Facebook, I will set up a schedule and write every one of he 114 or so Bishops that spoke up before the election.

Sadly, my Bishop is not on the list. Sigh!