Saturday, December 27, 2008

Our Lady of Guadalupe Homily

[Translated into Spanish by a kindly friend and given in Spanish]

On this day it is a great joy to gather with you to honor our Lord and God, Jesus Christ, by remembering the appearance of His Mother. Whatever language we speak, whatever country we come from and whatever country we live in, Our Lady Guadalupe offers us a fine example of the life of Christ. When we look at the image from St. Juan Diego’s tilma, we can learn three ways to imitate Our Lady as we follow our Lord Jesus Christ.

The first lesson Our Lady teaches is purity. Her eyes are focused on Jesus Christ, her son and her Lord. When we think of purity we should think of our Lady- every decision, every choice that she made on earth came from contemplating Jesus Christ. When we make Jesus Christ the first consideration in every thought, deed, and desire, then we will be pure.

The second lesson Our Lady teaches us is to give birth to Jesus. You notice that she wears the belt of someone who is pregnant. This is the only appearance of Mary where she is pregnant with Jesus. We must be ready to give birth to Jesus by inviting others to the Catholic life. After Mary appeared to St. Juan Diego, it was a brief matter of years before the people of Mexico received the faith. We join Mary in telling everyone about Jesus and the Catholic life.

The final lesson Our Lady teaches us is piety. See how her hands are folded in prayer? Every thing that happened to her was moment for prayer- when the angel Gabriel appeared, when she greeted Elizabeth, when Jesus was born and beyond. We must follow Mary and take every moment as an opportunity to pray.

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