Friday, January 23, 2009

Primary School Homily on the Anniversary of Roe v. Wade

I definitely used "kid gloves." The story of Ironic Catholic's 6 year old is precisely what I wished to avoid. That sort of trauma is a parent's privilege that I will not usurp. That being said, my homily was short and went something like this:

Who likes to be picked on? Who likes to be made fun of? Who likes to get hurt by someone else? None of us. Second graders, are you allowed to pick on first graders because they are smaller? "No!" First graders are you allowed to pick on the kindergartners because they are smaller? "No!" Are we ever allowed to hurt someone because they are smaller? What if Mrs Schwab, your principal, announces that it is now okay for bigger kids to hurt smaller kids, would that make it okay? "No!" Because hurting people is wrong, whether we are in second grade or when we are in high school. Even someone so small where we can't even see them should never be hurt by us.

So that's the brief homily. I did mention the anniversary of Roe v. Wade in the intercessions hopefully that was abstract enough to engage the children while concrete enough for the parents to connect what I was saying in the homily. If not, its a good thing the world already has a savior and I am not He.


Adoro said...

I LOVE your homily. Makes the point without calling it what it is. Adults would get the point, children aren't compromised in their innocence. :-)

The Ironic Catholic said...

I like it too. That's a clever way to put it. In fact, its generally the way my husband always put it until I decided to go the direct route...sigh....

"That sort of trauma is a parent's privilege that I will not usurp."
Ok, Ok. I didn't MEAN to be traumatic!

Adrienne said...

Sounds like you did a wonderful job!

You might not be the Savior but you are one of His important sidekicks.

Karen E. said...

I like your homily, too, Father!

When my girls were very young (and my youngest is still only 6) and I was protecting them from the ugliness of abortion, I would sometimes bristle at the fact that the first place they heard the word "abortion" was at Mass.

When we stood in a Life Chain, I explained only that the signs meant, "Babies are important! God loves all babies, from the minute they start growing inside their mommies." That was enough for awhile. Such messages plant the prolife worldview, without shattering innocence (and causing nightmares -- oh, IC, I feel for you!)

It's hard to find the balance and determine at what age they are ready for more information. My 12 yo has learned things earlier than my 15 yo did, and I imagine my 6 yo will, too. But, she's still not ready yet. When they're little, I try to always turn it around to the embracing the positive: love of babies, love of family, trusting God through it all. They know we're still open to life (6 yo is currently praying nightly for a new sibling ....)

Blessings, Father! Just found your blog this a.m.

Fr. Andrew said...

Thanks for the support.

Catholic Schools Week will drive me crazy!

Smiley said...

wow i have something to narrate here. Its not related to abortion, but i think it fits here about protecting a child's innocence.
I was at the Lift Jesus Higer rally in Toronto. We had a booth for a private catholic school. We had about 12 of the children and their parents present as well who were helping us the whole day. the kids opened the days session by crwoning the statue of Our Lady and singing Salve Regina.
At the end of the day, we were packing up and the booth a few rows down was one of those natural family planning booths. One of our little school girls in all inoocence saw a flyer and picked it up. the flyer was something to do with adoption versus abortion and where the end goal of conraception lies. the front page of the flyer was ok, but on the inside was a picture of an aborted baby. This poor child was in shock, she tugged her moms arm and was whats this does this happen why why why she was almost in tears. i dont know how her mom told her or what he mom told her as i had to finish packing up.
Yeah lost innocnece is hard to recover and it takes i htink an extra special grace from God to recover it. not that that does not happen beasue in the list of virgins the first virgin is St Mary Magdalene