Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Attacks Keep Coming

The attacks keep coming at Pope Benedict, especially by those who do not understand nor try to understand the history going on in these instances of priestly abuse. Three resources for you:

Archbishop Dolan of New York quotes the Vatican's response to accusations made by the New York Times. It is a simple retelling, but a good one. Read it here.

Phil Lawler, a layman, outlines a prudent response to these same claims. Read it here. As always, things are not as clear as the NYTimes might want you to believe.

Finally, regarding what Pope Benedict has actually DONE in this regard, is best seen by his response to Ireland and its troubles. There is an amazing depth going on in his letter to the Irish Church: "On the one hand, the rigors of the law. The price of justice must be paid to the last penny...But at the same time, the pope is kindling the light of grace. He is opening the door of God's forgiveness even to those guilty of the worst abominations, if they sincerely repent." Read Sandro Magister's analysis here.

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Anonymous said...

There has been, since last week in general and Sunday in particular, a great deal of dust being kicked up and chaos engendered.

Do you think someone, somewhere, is trying to cause an official split in the Roman Catholic Church in the United States?