Thursday, January 26, 2012

3rd Sunday 2012 Homily

This weekend, I had the flu, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Needless to say my homily preparation wasn't the best. Thankfully, there are good priests out there with other homilies. When you cite something it isn't plagiarized, right?

Father Robert Barron has a great ministry online, Word On Fire. His youtube clips, numbering over 200, are amazing, covering popular culture on many topics. His audio homilies are also great. This weekend I used his homily on Jonah. Listen to it here.

To summarize Father Barron's homily, and my own sickly effort, I would focus on four lessons when reading the book of Jonah.
  1. God's will always seems difficult.
  2. We can't escape from God.
  3. When we do God's will He always provides fruit- even fruit we don't expect.
  4. We must be on guard against self-righteousness.
God's will seems difficult because it calls us beyond our nature. That is in the meaning of the word itself: supernatural, above our nature. A good way of wondering whether something is God's will or plan for us is to ask: "Which one seems impossible to me, by myself?"

We can't escape from God because he is more than a location. Read through Psalm 139 sometime to read someone's own prayer on this mystery. Jonah can't sail away and we can't get away either.

God provides fruit to our labor when we do His will. Jonah didn't expect the hardened enemy of Israel- Nineveh- to repent but they did. What fruit might God want to bring about in your life.

Finally, be on guard against self-righteousness. We begin to think WE are the ones we have been waiting for. If you encounter self-righteousness in someone else that prevents you from conversion, deeper spiritual growth, or anything in your faith life- ignore them. God desires the humble and contrite of heart to approach Him. "Those who are well do not need a physician, but the sick do!"

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