Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Lord, increase our faith.

I've posted a recording of my Sunday homily at

This Sunday we hear a lot about faith. We'll look at faith in two ways: what it is in itself and what it does in us.

Faith, in itself, is something solid. It gives us sure footing for our life. It provides clear, reasonable and rational answers to those who challenge it. We know where to go for the faith: the Scriptures, the Catechism, and the Church's teaching. We should not be bullied by those who want to abuse the teachings of the Church but learn how to clarify and defend.

The Apostles ask for faith from Jesus, what do they mean? We have 10 Commandments, give us 5 more! No. They are asking for faithfulness. The habit of faith in our souls that allows us to not only hear God's word but do it. Faithfulness, this habit or virtue of faith, allows us to readily do the things we know to be true.

Think of examples of faithfulness. Parishioners, parents, friends, and especially your confirmation patron- do you remember their life of faithfulness? On October 4, we had the feast of St. Francis of Assisi. He was a man of faithfulness- he heard the word of God and did it. Today, October 6th, I'm grateful for my parents on their 40th wedding anniversary. They heard the word and did it.

As we kneel together in this Mass, pray for two things: 1st in gratitude for those examples of faithfulness that enliven your imagination with faith. 2nd beg our Lord for an increase of your own faithfulness.

The Sunday readings can be found here.

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