Friday, October 4, 2013

Wisdom of Assisi

One of my favorite books about St. Francis of Assisi, "The Wisdom of the Poor One of Assisi," by Eloi Leclerc, has a beautiful description of the spirit of poverty.

"It is not in struggling that you succeed but in adoring. The person who adores God knows that there is only one All-Powerful One. Such a person acknowledges it and accepts it deeply, heartily, and rejoices that God is God. God is. That is enough and makes a person free. Do you understand? If you knew how to adore, then nothing could truly disturb your peace. We would travel through the world with the tranquility of the great rivers."

St. Francis of Assisi- pray for us to strip ourselves of worldliness and cling to only to Christ and Him crucified.

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