Friday, November 1, 2013

All Saints Day Homily

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Why does the Church celebrate All Saints Day? It is the feast of the Heavenly Jerusalem, our Mother, where the Saints and Angels are citizens of heaven. It is the feast of our homeland.

This feast reminds us to enliven our imagination about what holiness really is. When I was young, I would have thought holiness was the same as boring! Our culture has lost the ability to portray real and substantial goodness. Yet real and substantial goodness exists. Being a Saint is more than being free from sin and guilt. Being a saint is being truly human and really alive.

If we are to invite people to heaven and holiness, we have to know what it is. Holiness and saintliness is real virtue. Unwavering courage, piercing wisdom, justice that shows no favorites, faith in the face of doubt, generous love and more are what make up holiness.

Study the lives of the saints so you can learn how to be really and truly holy. It is possible for you by the grace and power of Jesus Christ.

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